Have a Brilliant Nonfiction Book to Write?

A book that establishes your expertise, turns readers into fans, and inspires change?


I Help Writers Become Authors

Let me help you tell your remarkable, real-life story. As a book strategist, writing coach, and one of forty-one Story Grid Certified Editors globally, I help entrepreneurs, business gurus, and organizational leaders tap their expertise or vision and write a book that inspires, informs, and sways minds and hearts.

Just getting the job done gives you credibility. But getting it done well establishes your expertise, expands your influence, and opens doors to opportunities available to you as published author. A Big Idea nonfiction book is the ultimate way to give back after a lifetime of success and achievement. It’s a legacy that endures beyond any one life or organization to positively impact future generations. 

I offer a range of writing services, including a Book Idea Audit & Blueprint to begin writing on the right track, early draft reviews to help you minimize wasted effort and maximize your book’s ROI, and one-on-one developmental editing and book coaching to get your book done in the most efficient way possible. I also offer ghostwriting services to select clients.

If you have a book to write, I’d love to help you get it done.

I Specialize In Brilliant Nonfiction

How Can I Help You?

Have a great book idea and not much else?


Book Discovery & Blueprint

Not sure where to start? I’ll help you clarify your idea and market and create your book blueprint, an actionable plan for writing a book that your readers will love.

Stuck with a first draft that's not working?


Manuscript Review

A high-level analysis of your first draft or early manuscript yields clear insight and actionable feedback to get you on track to writing your great book. 

Serious about getting your brilliant book done?

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1:1 Developmental Editing

Weekly hour-long calls provide accountability and tailor-made strategies to hold the highest standard as we get your book done. Working directly with me is the fastest way to write a book that meets and exceeds your goals.

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