Your fastest path to writing your book
starts with the right crew.


I help crazy-busy entrepreneurs, business leaders, and change-makers get their book done.

You have that book to write. The one that showcases your expertise, expands your influence, and inspires the change you want to see. Getting it done would be game-changing, but 

  • You don’t have the time. 
  • You’re not sure how to start.
  • You have a great idea or presentation but not much else.
  • Writing just isn’t your thing (and that’s okay). 

I’m Catherine Lunardon, book strategist, editor, and co-writer who helps entrepreneurs, business experts, and thought leaders write their great book. My bespoke editing and co-writing services are tailored to your project and goals, which means you’ll get your book done efficiently and with the least amount of angst. 

If you’re serious about writing a book, we should talk.

What help do you need?

Have a great idea
and not much else?

 Get clear on your book idea, your target market, and your book’s outline. With this insight, you’ll set a proper course to getting your professional book done.

Stuck with a draft
that's not working?

A high-level analysis of your first draft or early manuscript yields actionable insight and clear next steps to get your book done. 

No time?

Developmental editing supports you as you write your book and includes weekly calls to keep you on track to finishing a book that you’ll be proud of. Co-writing services are available for select clients. 

Not sure?