Let's Get Your Book Done

At Rock Literary, we believe that great books change lives.

A book that stands the test of time is innovative, well-crafted, and has a lasting impact on readers who’ll won’t stop talking about it (hint: how best-sellers are really made). 

Working with the right editor or co-writer makes all the difference to your book’s success. It’s an investment that offers compounding returns. We believe every book and story are unique, and so we tailor our services to fit your project’s needs and goals. 


Idea Audit & Book Roadmap

Have a great book idea?

Your time is valuable. Get clear what you need to write, before you write it, and save time and misguided effort writing a book that doesn’t work.

Over a series of interviews, we’ll clarify your key concept and ideal market. I’ll give you honest feedback on if your idea has the depth needed to anchor a book, and suggest additional steps or research to make your concept work. If you have more than one idea, our work will clarify which to tackle first.

You’ll leave with your book’s blueprint that includes a detailed outline that you can use to start writing with clarity, focus, and confidence. This plan saves you untold hours spent writing down the wrong path. It’s the single best investment you could make to ensure an outcome you want.

Idea Audit & Book Roadmap includes:

One-on-one interviews to clarify your book's idea, structure and market

Interview transcripts with top-level summaries for
future reference

A book blueprint outlining your book's structure and content

Customized resources to address your unique challenges

Manuscript Review

A manuscript review can help if you ...

have a first draft that's not working

need clear, actionable advice for moving forward with your book

are ready to take your manuscript to the next level

I’ll identify your controlling idea or theme, your voice and point of view, the core emotion and value at stake in your book, exactly what structure your book requires, and an in-depth review of your introduction.

We’ll review everything in a one-hour phone conversation, during which time I’ll answer any questions you have. I’ll also provide a written report outlining next steps, along with customized resources to help you.

The Manuscript Review Deliverables:

A high-level analysis of your early draft of partial manuscript.

One 60-minute consultation call to review findings

A written report with clear next steps for moving forward.

Customized resources to help with your project.

1:1 Developmental Editing & Co-writing

Developmental editing is a great way to ...

take your book idea from inspiration to first draft

make key structural changes to fix a draft that doesn't work

get your book done with the least amount of wasted time, effort and angst

Weekly hour-long sessions keep you on track and offer guidance that’s tailored to your project and writing challenges. Developmental editing is a great way to take your book idea to a solid first draft or to work through key structural changes in a manuscript that’s not working. 

You’ll leave each session with clear next steps. It’s simply the most efficient way to write your great book. 

*A minimum commitment of four sessions is required to work with me.  

Each Developmental Session Includes:

Feedback on up to 3000 words

One 60-minute consultation call

An action plan with next steps

Customized resources

"Whatever you're meant to do, do it now.
The conditions are always impossible."

- Doris Lessing