Walking on Water

How learning to sail taught me to be present, face my fear, and set a course to the life I’m here to live.

Publish date, late 2021

About Catherine Lunardon

The only thing Catherine likes as much as a great book is sailing. She once sailed 550 nautical miles in five days on a Pogo 12.5, a high-performance race boat, as part of an eight-women crew. 

An adrenaline junkie, Catherine has a lot of fun chasing the edge of terrifying while skiing, scuba diving, and taking comedy improv classes. When she must sit and write, a cup of really good black coffee fuels her buzz.

Catherine lives in Toronto with her husband, two sons, and a Portuguese Water Dog that hates swimming. She insists on playing the guitar despite a lack of musical talent. Catherine loves lingering over a great meal, listening to live music, and sending handwritten thank-yous. What really gets her excited, though, is writing something that matters.


What's Stopping You?

Have a great idea, a dream, a desire for something better but can’t see a way from here to there? You have what it takes to get the job done, to take that first step, to transform your vision into your reality.

You owe it to yourself, your life’s true work, and a world in desperate need of strong, smart women living life to their full potential. There WILL be help along the way, but you have to take the first leap in order to meet it.  

It’s my sincere hope that something in this blog might help you. 

xo Catherine